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Be Proactive With Your Employees’ Health by Implementing A Temperature Screening Service with Clinistic

In light of the COVID-19 situation and the extra measures employers are taking to keep their worksite safe to prevent the spread, many of our clients are exploring options such as taking temperature readings using no contact thermometers for every employee before they start their shift. Clinistic, a sister-company of Employnet, can provide the medical staff nationwide to handle this.

The good news is that we have created an amazing protocol for this kind of program for any size company and can provide the certified temperature screeners (medical assistants) to implement the program along with contactless thermometers. The really good news is we can get this program going at your place of work within days – nationwide.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Clinistic’s Professional Temperature Screeners

1. Nationwide Scope

Clinistic has 14 offices located around the nation. We can identify and reach certified temperature screeners in your area and standup a program for your workplace within 48 hours. That means your employees won’t be delayed and your customers won’t wait, without compromising on safety and security. Your leadership team will have confidence that your program is backed up by a national network of healthcare experts utilizing cutting edge, Best Practices from across the country.

2. Reliable, Reputable, Experienced

Clinistic Medical Staffing, Inc., is a national, full-service medical staffing agency that has been providing comprehensive recruitment and staffing services to meet the healthcare provider needs of client organizations across the U.S. since 2017, in over 225 medical disciplines. Our Temperature Screening program is depended on by some of the largest employers in America, including Clorox, True Value, and Ulta Beauty. We also provide customized services to smaller-scale operations and boutique services of every size and breadth.

3. Certified Medical Professionals, Every Single Screening

Some employers consider using internal employees to implement a temperature screening program, which poses significant risks to individuals and organizations. Your workplace cannot afford inaccurate results or accidental cross-contamination or infection. The Temperature Screening Program for workplaces from Clinistic only uses Certified Medical Professionals, who are trained in checking vitals, screening for symptoms, and maintaining discretion. Internal employees may feel conflicted when it comes to their friends and coworkers, which can compromise the integrity of testing or reporting of incidents. Ultimately, these potential breaches of testing security and results integrity (as well as the risks of using untrained, uncertified, lay persons to perform a medical test) increases legal risks to the company, individuals, and the workforce

4. Customized Contract Length for Your Needs

You know what your workplace needs, so we encourage you to utilize our services on the timeframe you need, when you need them, and cancel anytime. Or, lock in a rate for the schedule that makes the most sense for your organization and reevaluate your needs in the future as your business necessitates.

5. Safety Equipment, Safety Excellence

A safe and accurate Temperature Screening Program Clinistic providers PPE for all the certified temperature screeners implementing the clinical program. They arrive onsite wearing scrubs, masks and gloves, and equipped with contactless thermometers and professional identification.

When you invest in an important workplace development like a Temperature Screening Program, you are investing in every part of your company. Your employees, clients, customers, shareholders, leadership, and even the larger community is depending on your stewardship to create and sustain a safe, reliable setting during a time of incredible uncertainty. Clinistic’s Temperature Screening Program is an investment that you’ll feel good about from the very moment you connect with us.