Engage Healthcare Contractors Without the Risk


When managing temporary medical workers or independent contractors, don’t risk legal trouble by trying to manage taxes and compliance on your own. Let Clinistic do the heavy lifting and avoid worker misclassification and co-employment issues.


Reducing Risk Just Got Easier

Clinistic’s solutions allow you to confidently approach the complexities of engaging with independent contractors, ensuring proper worker classification, providing consolidated billing, and puts an emphasis on decreasing administrative burden.

Virtually Eliminate Claims

Virtually eliminate the threat of contingent worker reclassification, costly class-action lawsuits and government audits.

Non-Compliance Costs

Lawsuits by parties seeking unpaid employee benefits, back taxes, penalties and interest can easily cost upwards of $100k for each misclassified worker.

Avoid Costly Penalties

Classifying 1099 independent contractors correctly helps to avoid paying possible back-taxes, benefits, insurances, and other employer related responsibilities.

Secure Worker Engagement

Clinistic coordinates and reports to you on local, state and federal background checks, as required, to protect the integrity of your projects.

We Have You Covered

In addition to providing contract staffing back-office services, we maintain a complete and comprehensive suite of liability insurance policies with high claims limits.

Secure Payroll

As the worker’s legal employer, Clinistic assumes full responsibility for payment of taxes, completely eliminating this trigger for claims of worker misclassification.


Be Confident That Every Medical Employee is Compliant

A highly mobile workforce paired with differing state regulatory requirements can make ongoing licensure verification a complicated task without the right payrolling partner.

 We deliver daily license and certification monitoring at the primary source to ensure your mobile workforce is always compliant across every state border. We help your team standardize and simplify the process of compliance monitoring, delivering freedom from your process to focus on your people.

License Verification

From primary source verification to exact-match results, our compliance monitoring platform goes beyond good enough. For more than a decade, we’ve committed to upholding the highest standards of patient safety and quality.

Exclusion Monitoring

Our exclusion monitoring screens your workforce against every state and federal exclusion source every single day. We verify any false positives for you, saving your team countless hours on tedious, manual work.

Ongoing License Monitoring

Continuous license and credential monitoring and primary source verification ensures that every employee or provider has the required credentials to serve your patients. Never miss an expiration or renewal, even when the primary source changes.

Is Your Company Open
to Risk or Penalties?


A company can open itself up to risk or penalties if an independent contractor isn’t utilized appropriately or isn’t correctly classified. Companies must adhere to different labor laws based on where the work will be performed and could be at risk to large fines for misclassifying talent as independent contractors rather than employees. Navigating worker classification laws can be tedious and time-consuming, but don’t worry- Clinistic has the support you need. 

Take Advantage of our
Free Workforce Compliance Audit

Avoid Fees & Penalties by Ensuring Your Workforce is Compliant

During our free workforce compliance audit, we look into your organizations's worker classifications, rates, insurances, and other aspects that may impact your bottom line. Let us help you keep peace of mind which will allow you to focus on your core competencies.

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